Who, Me?

I'm glad you asked!

Kate Birkin

Kate Birkin is the Amazon #1 Bestselling author of The Consequence of Anna, the heartrending novel that became an instant success. With degrees in English Literature and History, she is an accomplished author and ghostwriter of a dozen novels and two original screenplays.

Kate lives in Carmel, California, in her refurbished Victorian home overlooking the sea, where vintage oil painting portraits adorn the walls and their eyes seemingly follow you, stairs creak and doors mysteriously open by themselves, a fire is always crackling in her stone fireplace, and her two Siamese cats, Matilda and Carmichael, sit by her side while she writes.

Things that inspire her: ivy-covered wrought iron gates, deteriorating mansions from another era, long-held family secrets, hidden rooms, and beautiful places like the Land of Éire (Ireland) and the Isles of Scotland, to name a few.

As a lover of the arts, Kate also enjoys the opera, ballet, and playing her violin and piano. A passionate advocate for human and animal rights, she supports multiple charities that champion their cause.

A Fiery Soul Obsession With Writing.

“When I was a child, I knew books were pure magic. Portals into another realm where the book cover itself is the enchanted key to enter. To be able to time travel and experience life through someone else’s eyes is something I have always cherished. And now, as I create these stories and characters myself, I fall in love with them. It’s not just the reader who embarks on a journey as they begin one of my novels. Like Bastian in The Neverending Story, I too venture on that same journey when I write, loving every minute of it!”

Mark Bornz

Mark Bornz has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering with a minor in Psychology, earning his degree from a prestigious engineering university. He specialized in robotic automation during a long career manufacturing the latest communications technologies used around the world. In his spare time as a professional engineer, he began a side career as a fiction writer, spending his evenings on what he loved most.

Through collaboration with fellow writer, Kate Birkin, Mark became her co-author and editor, and together they built their literary company, KATE BIRKIN BOOKS. Humbled, blessed, and grateful, they are thrilled their common love for creative writing has entertained millions of readers around the world.

Mark’s other interests include hockey, tennis, skiing in the mountains, world history, European sports cars, Irish whiskey, and spending summers at his remote cabin on the lake.