Who, Me?

I'm glad you asked!

Kate Birkin

Kate Birkin is the Amazon #1 Bestselling author of The Consequence of Anna, her debut novel that became an instant success. An accomplished ghostwriter for the past several years, she’s written a dozen novels and two original screenplays spanning the genres of literary, historical, women’s fiction, romance, mystery, and crime.

A Fiery Soul Obsession With Writing.

Kate is a bohemian at heart with a “fiery soul obsession with writing”, and finds that storytelling is a magical way for her to escape into another world. After collaborating with fellow writer, Mark Bornz, together they built their literary company, KATE BIRKIN BOOKS. Humbled, blessed, and grateful, she is thrilled that their common love for creative writing has entertained thousands of readers around the world.

Kate is also a skilled equestrian, a collector of oil paintings, enjoys playing her violin and pursuing her avid interest in photography, and is obsessed with Australia, Ireland, and the ocean–places of creative inspiration for her. A passionate advocate for human and animal rights, she also supports multiple charities that champion their cause.

Mark Bornz

Mark Bornz earned his B.A.Sc. from a prestigious engineering university, specializing in robotic automation during a long career manufacturing the latest communications technologies used around the world. In his spare time as a professional engineer, he began a side career as a fiction writer, spending his evenings on what he most loved. Through collaboration with fellow writer, Kate Birkin, he became her co-author and editor.

Mark’s other interests include hockey, tennis, skiing in the Rocky Mountains, world history, European sports cars, Irish whiskey, and spending summers in Canada at his remote cabin on the lake. The Consequence of Anna is his debut novel.