A heartrending tale that will both haunt and exhilarate you!

★★★★★ Sarah, Advance Reader

1920, Germany . . . Twin sisters,  Ava and Shalom, are left in a barn at birth, abandoned by their Jewish teenage mother. A German farmer finds them, and he and his barren wife raise them as their own.

1942, Germany . . . The Third Reich has invaded Europe, plunging the world into chaos and terror. Nazi SS officers discover Ava and Shalom’s Semitic heritage and hand them over to Dr. Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death”.

Coming Summer 2024!
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What It’s About

Their whole life they thought they were German . . .

Abigail Katz is a Jewish teenager living in the quaint German town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. At seventeen, she secretly gives birth to twin girls, Ava and Shalom. Abandoned by her boyfriend and shamed by her parents, she is forced to give them away, leaving them in a farmer’s barn.

Hanz Eierkuchen finds the babies wrapped in woolen blankets embroidered with the Star of David, along with a heartbreaking note. Realizing the twins were purposely left for him and his barren wife, Maria, he brings the bundles of joy into the farmhouse to show her. After trying for years to have children, the ecstatic couple rejoice over the gifts from God, finally blessed with being able to raise a family.

Human tragedy, love, and heartbreak, with twists and turns leaving you breathless, having you both crying and cheering.

Ava and Shalom grow up to be beautiful young women with loving German parents, unaware of their Semitic roots. Life on the farm is simple and peaceful. But then WWII breaks out, and the Third Reich escalates its demonic Nazi propaganda through Europe.

One night, a terrorized woman shows up at the Eierkuchen farm, banging on the door . . . Abigail Katz! In fear for her life, she begs Hanz to hide her from the approaching SS officers, who’ve just murdered her entire family in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Hanz takes her in, despite knowing who she is, despite the risk of concealing a Jew, and despite his fear of his daughters learning the truth about their real birth mother.

Soon Abigail is found out, and the lies are exposed. Ava and Shalom shockingly discover their Jewish heritage, and the SS officers take the three women away, sending them to the notorious concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau. There, Dr. Josef Rudolf Mengele, the merciless Nazi monster known for his horrific experiments on Jewish prisoners, takes a special interest in the twins. Will Ava and Shalom survive the wicked “Angel of Death”?

Desperate to save his beloved daughters and their birth mother from the bowels of an unspeakable hell, Hanz conjures an extraordinary and daring plan. A risky ploy involving the führer, Adolf Hitler, himself . . .

Coming Summer 2024!
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