A superb, bittersweet story unlike any I have read before, exploring the dark side of family, relationships, and love.

★★★★★ Editor in Chief, New York Publisher

1930, Esperance, Australia . . . Anna May Shahan, a childlike woman suffering from undiagnosed mental illness, always gets her way. Her loyal husband James, tricked into marriage and loathing his life on their remote sheep station in the Outback, longs for something more. Anna’s English cousin Lottie arrives, and everyone’s world changes.

Based on actual events, this poignant, unforgettable story will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

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A promise. A gift. A pact . . .

After the devastating stock market crash of 1929, Anna May Shahan receives a telegram from her cousin Lottie in England. Lottie has just lost her husband to suicide, and now wants to recover at Sugar Alexandria, the sprawling sheep station in the Outback she used to visit every summer as a teenager. Believing it to be a blessing from God, Anna welcomes her beloved Lottie with open arms, ecstatic they’ll now be reunited after a decade of being apart.

A provocative and intriguing tale told in the spirit of The Thorn Birds and The Light Between Oceans.

Desperate to keep Lottie at the station permanently, Anna soon concocts a shocking plan after learning of her cousin’s unfulfilled desire to have a baby, forcing her unwilling husband to join in. A promise is made, a precious gift given, and a lifelong pact forged with an oath to take it to their graves.

All seems well within their small family circle until one fateful afternoon when the lies are inadvertently exposed. Liam, the deaf, intellectually challenged young man living at the neighboring station has seen too much, becoming the key to opening Pandora’s box, obliterating Anna’s utopian world and the trinity she created. In rapid-fire, peaceful conditions abruptly deteriorate as a succession of events explode, bringing unforeseen pain and conflict, heartrending tragedy, and emotional transformation for the entire Shahan family.

An intense and emotional read!

★★★★★ Rhys Bowen, New York Times bestselling author of In Farleigh Field and The Tuscan Child

A gripping and intense story, taking you on an emotional roller coaster. The Consequence of Anna is a masterpiece worthy of book clubs and the big screen.

★★★★★ Readers' Favorite – 5 Star Winner

Exemplary in its unique voice, writing style, and layered character appeal. A compelling love triangle with sustained tension and struggle through decades, and an excellent portrayal of people with disabilities, including deafness and schizophrenia.

★★★★★ Writer's Digest Book Award

Where to begin? I have done nothing for two days except read this amazing book–really could not get it out of my mind. I read a lot of historical fiction, and I must say, this is above and beyond anything else I have read in this genre for a long time.

★★★★★ NetGalley

The prose is decadent, the storyline mesmerizing. I love it when a story surprises me and is full of shining themes, poetic insights, and emotional metamorphoses of its characters.

★★★★★ President, New York Literary Agency

Lyrical and engaging; the best novel I have read in a while. The bond of female friendship, mental illness, and the fine line between love and obsession is fantastically explored, and the revelation at the end will stun you. You will not just read this book–you will consume it!

★★★★★ Hila, Professional Reader

Beautifully written and extremely emotional. You will fall in love with this story, I promise. It will make you laugh; it will make you cry; you will cheer for its characters and other times be upset by them, and some will endear themselves to you without fail. If you’re looking for an amazing book to lose yourself in, this is it! Once you start reading, you will not put it down. Five stars, over and over!

★★★★★ Kendra, Literary Agent
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