A shining tale of young lives on the verge of greatness in a world of the unknown, spectacularly told through the eyes of a child.

★★★★★ Katherine, Advance Reader

Miyamoto (Moto) Phoenix, a 12-year-old boy named after the great samurai warrior, Miyamoto Musashiis, is heartbroken when his best friend and beloved grandfather, Cheng Bao, passes away. Soon after the funeral, he receives a mysterious letter, urging him to go to his grandfather’s secluded cabin where he will find further instructions. Little does Moto know that his life is about to change forever, embarking on the greatest adventure he could ever imagine . . .

What It’s About


Living in an abusive household where his Chinese mother is suffering from depression and his American father is an alcoholic, Miyamoto (Moto) Phoenix has always had to fend for himself. But at least he has his grandfather–his mentor and best friend–to help him navigate through the challenges of his world. That all changes the day Cheng Bao suddenly dies, leaving Moto devastated and lost.

Not long after the funeral, a letter arrives for the young boy. The letter predates the death of Cheng, and it instructs Moto to go to his grandfather’s remote cabin where he will find further direction. Moto leaves in the middle of the night, traveling on his bicycle as fast as he can, and there he finds another note stating that Cheng has left his entire fortune to him. However, the message stipulates he must go on a journey to find the gifts.

Taking his grandfather’s boat, Moto follows the map attached to the missive, and along the trail he meets Indigo, a 14-year-old girl, and her small monkey, Saturday, who are running away from the circus where her family works. The two new friends venture out into the world unafraid, seeking the fortune bestowed upon Moto from an old man. But what they find is far more valuable than gold . . .

Combines the magic, imagination, and glittering stardust of childhood with the stark realities and truths understood when one becomes an adult.

★★★★★ Greta, Advance Reader