Full of mystery, anticipation, and nail-biting suspense, answering the age-old question: Do we ever really know someone?

★★★★★ Lucy, Advance Reader

Victoria Stanton doesn’t have to search for her lost sister Kristie. As soon as she goes missing in Japan, she is found days later, dead in a cave by the sea, the lower part of her body badly burned. Yet her face remains unblemished, almost serene. The authorities have no leads . . .

Why would anyone hurt a pretty, sweet-natured, twenty-five-year-old model who’s never been in trouble in her life?

What It’s About

Victoria Stanton tries to convince her younger sister Kristie that going to Japan by herself to pursue a modeling career is a bad idea. She is inexperienced, naïve, and too trusting, having grown up in a small town. Being the only family Kristie has left, Victoria worries about her sister’s safety in a big city in a foreign land.

Kristie doesn’t listen.

After the funeral and against her husband’s wishes, Victoria leaves her quiet life in Washington behind to seek answers in Japan. Living in her sister’s flat, she soon immerses herself in Kristie’s life–wearing her clothes, working at the same jobs, befriending the same people, even getting the same tattoos. Obsessively she traces the circles her sister once walked in, until the circle becomes a snake, eating its own tail.

One day an anonymous note arrives . . . “There are things you see that you cannot unsee. And there are enemies in your own backyard. Do you really want to know the truth, or is it safer to stay in the rabbit hole?” Suddenly Victoria realizes she is close to solving the murder of her sister Kristie. Does she go home, or does she open Pandora’s box?

So suspenseful it had me continually on the edge of my seat, second-guessing everyone and everything. The way the story unfolds will leave your head spinning. I love thrillers, and this is the best one I have read all year.

★★★★★ Michaela, Advance Reader