A mesmerizing murder mystery with riveting twists and turns, leaving you wondering who is the sinner and who is the saint.

★★★★★ Jackson, Advance Reader

On a hot and humid summer night in Lafayette, Louisiana, Athena Bisset, a young waitress, is pulled from Haiti Lake, named after the many slaves from Haiti who had drowned in its waters during the 1800s. The police have no answers . . . at least none they are willing to disclose. That all changes when a stranger arrives in town, asking questions.

What It’s About

Corruption. Greed. Racism . . .

Liar’s Corner, an eatery that sits at the edge of Haiti Lake in Lafayette, Louisiana, has been around since the late 1800s. But it isn’t the nineteenth-century anymore; it’s 1977. Gone are the Thuja occidentalis evergreens, now replaced by the diner that illuminates the dark, murky waters with its seedy neon lights. At sunset most evenings, the restaurant is full of local patrons–fishermen and townsfolk–but on this particular night, there is a heavy feeling in the air mixed with the aroma of crawfish and jambalaya.

When the body of Athena Bisset surfaces, it is Lucas, the cook, who dives into the lake and pulls the Creole waitress up to the water’s edge, covering her with her favorite Parisian shawl until the police arrive. But the police soon end their investigation, and the murder of Athena Bisset goes unsolved. That is until thirty-five years later when her son, Devon Bisset, now a Louisiana detective himself, comes back to Lafayette dead set on solving the cold case, even if it is the last thing he ever does.

Exceptionally entertaining, transporting you to the Creole and Cajun cultures of the Deep South. The setting, the storyline and plot, and the eccentric characters make this novel outstanding. This should be made into a movie.

★★★★★ Crystal, Advance Reader